How does the X39 work? Unleash the power of stem cells!

A lot has been going on with me lately because I decided to join in promoting the use of X39 - a product that totally refreshed my life! Therefore, the time has come for me to share my experience and information about the X39.

Where did it start?

The beginning of my fascination with X39 from LifeWave was quite prosaic. It started simply from ... my own experience. Intrigued by the technology described, I decided to check the operation of these wonderful patches. And I have to admit that I haven't felt so fresh in a long time! Of course, I immediately wanted to share this with my loved ones, which I did. When I got their feedback - WOW, indeed! — I knew I had to let it out into the world. Imagine my surprise when I found out that many of my friends already use LifeWave patches and love them! So I had no choice but to join the promotion of the most innovative option, i.e., X39.

How does the X39 work?

The operation of the X39 is based on advanced, patent-protected technology. First, however, I will briefly explain the fundamental processes that make this patch support your body. First, it is important to understand that LifeWave bases its products on phototherapy. It means using the effects of light on the body to achieve specific results. Indeed you have dealt with this type of therapy or at least heard about it. Phototherapy is often used, for example, in dermatology.

A new approach to phototherapy

The functioning of the LifeWave patches is a whole new level of phototherapy. They do not use active light sources, such as lasers or lamps. Instead, the patches use the energy that your body produces. The human body emits heat in the form of infrared radiation. It is it that activates the materials contained in the patch. The nanocrystals placed in it reflect the obtained light on the skin. This is where the magic of phototherapy begins. The light reflected in this way has a specific wavelength (it results from the form of nanocrystals placed in the patch), thanks to which it stimulates the nerves on the skin. Then there is a whole chain of specific reactions depending on the stimulated nerves.

How does X39 work on the body?

LifeWave technology has been in development for nearly two decades. Constant work on improving patches led to the incredible breakthrough that is the invention X39. This particular product uses LifeWave's proprietary technology to elevate level of GHK-CU peptide in the body.It is a peptide that naturally occurs in the human body, but its level decreases with age. Clinical studies have shown that GHK-CU restores cells in the body to a younger, healthier state. Just imagine how much the human body will gain when activity of stem cells will be raised.?


Amazing Team

My adventure with X39 continues, and thanks to that, I feel better and support my loved ones on their way to better functioning of the body and meet fantastic people. So many of them share their, sometimes very touching, stories. The scientific basis of the developed technology and the experience of people who have tested the X39 for themselves convince me that it is worth releasing further into the world!