Turquoise Leader

Turquoise management is not only an idea or a form of company management. It is a philosophy that, step by step, soaks into the way of doing business and life in general. The turquoise leader is, therefore, more than just a person who is a manager acting based on selected methods.

Qualities of a leader in turquoise

A leader is not a person who holds a managerial position. It is a person who becomes the real leader of a specific group of people, and his role results from natural predispositions and the authority or respect he has gained. At the same time, in turquoise, the Leader is not a SPECIAL person, BETTER, DIFFERENT from other employees - he is their equal. He does not treat them as a "boss" because he does not occupy any higher level (hierarchy does not apply).

Therefore, a turquoise leader has specific features, talents, and predispositions. Such a person has a natural charisma, high self-management, and work organization skills. He is also a person with a very high level of emotional intelligence. Both empathy and the ability to deal with his own emotions make him able to support the team.

A leader on the way to turquoise

The transition to turquoise takes work. It is a hard road of massive changes that affect employees in terms of outlook, mentality, and often also financially. Such an undertaking requires an excellent change leader who will support the entire team in this challenging process. A change leader must be able to explain precisely what will change and why something changes. Presenting people with a vision that drives change and an ultimate goal is necessary. The leader must understand and dispel doubts, answer questions, and lead the team through the change process.

After the turquoise transformations, each enterprise is like a new composition that the whole orchestra must learn. Each one plays its part in it, but in such a way that the whole sounds phenomenal together. The change leader in turquoise should be in charge of learning this composition. His task is to serve his colleagues in adapting to new realities.

It is worth appreciating how great support for any company is a good leader who works well in the conditions of change and turquoise organization management.